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PRICE START FROM $120 for 4 cameras and dvr, price increases according to the number of cameras


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Of course, to ensure that your CCTV system is working optimally, you’ll need to conduct timely maintenance.

You’ll need to verify a few things as it pertains to the system’s camera and housing, wiring and cables, and control equipment.



For the system’s camera and housing, verify the following:

  • Camera/lens focus and auto iris is adjusted properly.
  • Camera field of view is adjusted to customer’s requirements.
  • Camera/housing viewing window is clean, inside and out.
  • Camera lens is dust free.
  • Interior of camera enclosure is clean and dry.
  • Check operation of pan tilt and zoom focus. Use controller in control room to check all these operations.



For the system’s wiring and cables, verify the following:

  • Check wiring and cable harnesses for wear and fray.
  • Check to make sure cable is dressed properly.
  • Check connectors and cable entry points for loose wiring.
  • Check that the coaxial cable is transmitting an adequate video signal to control room. Signal should be free of distortion, tearing, hum-bars, EMI, and rolling.
  • Make sure all coaxial connectors are insulated from conduit and pull boxes.



For the system’s control equipment, verify the following:

  • Monitors are free from picture burn-in and distortion.
  • Monitors have proper contrast and brightness.
  • VCR’s are functioning properly and providing distortion free recording.
  • Check that all control equipment is operational. This means that switchers allow proper sequencing, multiplexers are properly encoding and decoding, and matrix switcher keyboards are fully operational.
  • Clean all monitor screens, control panels, and keyboards with a diluted cleaning solution.
  • Check all coaxial connectors on the back panels for loose connections.
  • Check all power connections to ensure AC plugs are not loose.

There are clearly several things you’ll need to take a look at as part of this CCTV maintenance checklist. If you have any questions or would like to schedule full CCTV maintenance service, call us or contact us online.

Camera and DVR Maintenance

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